Spring 2013 Crohn’s Advocate Magazine!

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the Spring 2013 edition of Crohn’s Advocate Magazine (FYI – right now, I think the winter edition is online at the moment).  A few articles about using humor to deal with Crohn’s Disease, which is a topic I fully agree with!

Most inflammatory bowel diseases usually don’t leave you with a “happy” feeling but laughter does tend to improve your overall well-being (and certainly your mental well-being).  So, trying to find something to laugh about, for me, is certainly a way to cope with the various aspects of this disease and living with an ostomy.

Finding you can laugh at yourself instead of getting mad or depressed is certainly a better feeling.  

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly times I get mad and depressed.  I have yelled and cried and thrown things around in trying to deal with the emotional and physical upheaval that this disease puts you through.  

However, I found found I enjoy myself and life a whole lot more when I try to find something funny in the situation and laugh about it. I highly recommend this.  

If you have trouble laughing at your situation, then find something to laugh about: a funny movie, a funny comic, a funny friend…just laugh.  It certainly isn’t a cure for the disease, but it sure makes living life a lot more enjoyable.

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One Response to Spring 2013 Crohn’s Advocate Magazine!

  1. flowry says:

    Reblogged this on the✿flowry✿life and commented:
    Laughing does make all the ridiculous things people with IBD go through bearable. When I lose sight of humor in unfortunate situations I easily go to anger which only makes things worse. Just the other night my bag leaked making me have to change it and the next day it leaked again! I still feel sour that I cannot wear my bag as it should be worn because of my irritated skin. How can I make light of this? So many things have happened. Some I am able to joke about. Others I don’t know how to joke about and am in fear of them happening again. Share with me your “laughable” moments :),

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