Everything’s Coming up…Watermelons

09-13-13. Watermelon

Nothing like a mild panic attack in the restroom to get your heart pumping.  You would think that CC would remember when she eats brightly or oddly colored things.  But alas, no.

The conversation my human had with me on this morning went something along the lines of…

“What the….??!!!!?  OMG…OMG…OMG!!!!  What is going on here!  Why am I BLEEDING!!!  So much!!!!
No….wait….is that….WATERMELON???
Hmmm…I guess I did eat watermelon for breakfast this morning.
I guess I can take my finger off of my speed dial for my GI doc.”

“What’s for lunch?  Raspberry Jell-O!  Yay!”

Don’t worry; there will be another panic attack a couple hours after lunch as well.

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One Response to Everything’s Coming up…Watermelons

  1. Melissa P says:

    I did that to myself with beets!

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