We need a new hobby

09-16-14. Need a Hobby

CC’s husband declared the other day that we need a new hobby.  The getting random sickness that baffles the doctors is getting a bit old.

For the past couple weeks, CC has been really sick with ulcerations in her lower esophagus.  She thought ulcers in the colon was bad – ulcers in the esophagus really, REALLY suck.  Basically we couldn’t eat or drink due to the pain.  There was an ER visit (where they confirmed CC wasn’t having a heart attack due to the chest pains and then sent her home after a bit of IV fluid).  Her gastroenterologist did an endoscopy and realized that her esophagus looked like a mine field because it was pitted with ulcers (no wonder it freakin’ hurt).

On the plus side, things are beginning to heal.  The pain is diminished a lot and we can now eat and drink with little to no pain.  Yay!

As far as we can tell, this is Crohn’s related because there is no evidence of bacterial or viral infections and is showing signs of inflammation.  On a bummer note, we have apparently built up antibodies to Remicade.  Which sucks, because there are only so many meds left that we haven’t tried.

This episode left most of my docs scratching their heads because normally you don’t get this sort of ulceration that acute that quickly but mine came up within a matter of days.  My doc said he had never seen anything like it and has been consulting with other GI/IBD specialists.

So, we’re glad to be starting to feel a bit better but we’d really like to know what brought this on and to try to never have it again because it really was terrible.

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