Crohn’s & Colitis Patient Education Day

10-11-2014. CCFA Education Day

This morning we attended the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) Patient Education Day at the University of NC – Chapel Hill.

Lots of fantastic information was presented by the UNC Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases including information about vaccinations (particularly if you are on immunomodulators or anti-TNF agents), gut bacteria, genetics, nutrition, research and therapies.

It was really a great session about how different aspects: environmental, genetic, microbiome and immune system all interplay in the disease and how looking at the different aspects can lead to new treatments and (hopefully) a cure/permanent remission and prevention.  Which is all extremely awesome!

If you are somewhere near where the CCFA does any of their presentations (you can check out their website for local chapter events), it can give you some great info.  They also sponsor some great webcasts, too!

Education and Knowledge about the disease is an excellent thing to help  you better manage your disease, symptoms and treatment options available to you!

So, go out my friends and LEARN!!!

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