Peas: The Ostomate’s Bubblewrap

Pea Squish. 2014-11-21

Green Peas are the ostomate’s bubble wrap!

It’s totally disgusting but you just cannot help yourself.  You have to pop the peas in the pouch!

CC’s husband-creature tells her she is totally weird for doing this (it might also be the maniacal laughter that accompanies the popping sessions).

He also tells her that she needs to chew her food better.  While we are not disagreeing with that statement you must understand that peas have a superpower…

Peas can confound even the most keen chewer.

Peas are masters of evading mastication!

They can weave and avoid teeth like the #1 pick on your elementary school dodge ball team.

Which means that peas are bound to travel whole down the world’s most unpleasant and disgusting Slip & Slide.

Pea Hug. 2014-11-21

Popping out whole and (mostly) unmolested on the other side.

So, this leads to the peas in the pouch issue.

It really is kind of like popping bubble-wrap.  I think it is a mental pleasure to then destroy the food that your body had decided to not take the time to digest.

So, take that Peas!  You may avoid molar munching but you will not avoid the pouch popping!

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