BEWARE: Spaghetti Squash

01-23-15. Spaghetti SquashSo, this has been an “exciting” week for CC and I.  Last week she ate some spaghetti squash.  Apparently, too much spaghetti squash.  Which caused a visit to the ER for pain meds (thank you Mr. Morphine) and a CT scan which confirmed a blockage.

We tried to get into UNC hospital where we had our surgery in 2012, but after 24 hours in the local ER there was no luck getting a bed so I ended up being trucked off to another of the area hospitals.  While in the ER CC was fitted with an NG tube.

Now, CC remembered very clearly having the NG tube back in 2012 and did not enjoy it then.  They came at her with the tube this time and there was a bit of a freak out.  We had to have a nice dose of anti-anxiety meds before they were able to get the tube in.

CC looks so amused to have this tube.

CC looks so amused to have this tube.

There is nothing quite like having your gastic fluids sucked out of one’s body by tube via the nostril.

If you haven’t had to have this, be glad.

Now, it was necessary.  It eased the pressure on the system to allow the blockage to pass without having to have any surgery (yay!).  Since surgery does suck more than an NG tube.  Slightly.

After about 4 days in the hospital (there were some issues with fevers and additional pain) we finally were released.

We also discovered with the CT Scan that CC has a few hernias that need to be dealt with.  They didn’t cause this issue but need to be addressed sooner rather than later.  So, it is back to the surgeon to schedule that but hopefully that will be relatively minor compared to the other abdominal surgery.

So, Spaghetti Squash gets moved to the “Do Not Eat” list along with things like popcorn.

Fun times!


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