Blockages & Hernias, Oh My!

04-20-15. Medical DramaSo, a couple weeks ago we ended up with ANOTHER blockage which sent us to the ER and another 4 day hospital stay.  Needless to say, we were unamused.

After the blockage in January, they told us the CT scan showed some small hernias and to follow up with our GI surgeon, which we dutifully did.  We discussed it and determined since we couldn’t feel them, they weren’t giving us issues and the blockages didn’t happen at the hernia sites we would just “wait and see”.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long as I ended up with another blockage in late March.  Which my doc said, “OK, waiting over, we should do the hernia repair surgery since that is probably contributing to the blockage issues” (again, this blockage didn’t happen at the hernia).

So, we gave our body a week to recover from the blockage and then we were back to the hospital for the hernia repairs.  There was one near me (parastomal hernia) and two small ones in the belly button area (umbilical hernia).  The initial plan had actually been to go into the opening where I normally hang out (at the stoma – not making new incisions through muscle) to do the repairs but in the end, that ended up not being a viable option so they opened CC back up along the original incision line and sutured up the small herniated areas (they were too small to really use mesh).

So, we got out of hospital on Thursday and have been resting since.  Today is the first day CC decided to go off the narcotic meds.  It’s not quite as fun without the narcotics.

But, it certainly is bearable and so it’s probably  back to work tomorrow.

So much for a wish for a non-exciting medical year!

CC in the hospital with Mr. Moo (he came along for moral support)

CC in the hospital with Mr. Moo (he came along for moral support)


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