It’s Been A While!

Oh, where to begin…


2016 was…problematic.

It started off with more blockages.  Boo!  But this time it wasn’t related to hernias.  Turns out I had developed antibodies to Humira and my Crohn’s was kicking my ass and had narrowed a section of my small intestine.  We switched up meds and crossed our fingers hoping that I would heal up.  But another blockage ER visit and we realized that the narrowing was not going away.

So, it was back to the hospital for more surgery in June.  The doc removed 30cm of small intestine (at least it was the bit at the end).

My human said I looked like a Blobfish after the surgery.


Not a photo of Mr Stoma.  This is Bob the Blobfish.  Say “hi” Bob!

Everything looked good.  Healing was going well, and then we ended up with an abdominal abscess.  The abscess sent us back to the hospital two more times during the course of the summer (I told you it was a “fun” year).

Part of the abscess also drained right by me and then healed weird.  It caused me to sit at a weird angle and crap into a skin crevice.  No one was happy about this arrangement.

So, it was time for another minor surgery for a Mr. Stoma facelift!  After my corrective surgery, I was no longer crapping into a skin crevice and the pouching situation was much better.

The abscess healed up for a while but then returned around September.  We’re actually still dealing with this although it is very minor at this point.  It’s basically just a random tube that doesn’t connect to anything – just drains random goo.  Mmmmm…

The week before Christmas, we ended up back in the hospital again (we seriously lost count of how many times we went to the hospital in 2016).  This time there was an abdominal infection going on so it was IV antibiotics and pain meds.  Luckily we were released in time to visit family for the holidays (even if we resembled a blob on the sofa).

kidney-stone-20170214I almost forgot, my human also had a kidney stone in the spring.  Because there wasn’t quite enough going on and we needed another ER trip.


So, we’re on new meds which seem to be keeping my Crohn’s Disease under control (knock on wood).

We’re also set to follow up with doctors to get as many health issues under control (was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2016 too).  Meeting up with a nutritionist next month who specializes with folks with IBD.

So, hopefully 2017 will be the year of feeling better!  Because I have better things to do than sitting around in a hospital bed.  🙂


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