Remicade Tea

08-05-14. Remicade Tea

Today is infusion day and it is also CC’s birthday!  So Happy Birthday to my human!

Some folks were surprised for scheduling an infusion on her birthday, but she said it was OK because she got out of work for a few hours and got to take a nap during the day.

And birthday naps are Awesome!

Quote of the Day from the nice lady who was getting her remicade at the same time:

“Thank you for joining us at the Remicade bar!”

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Looking at the 2-Piece Sensura Mio

07-29-2014. Two-Piece


CC tells me that the above illustration is not the kind of 2-piece we are talking about.

Recently, we were sent samples of the new Coloplast SenSura® Mio pouch.  We decided to try some samples in the two-piece variety since we have never actually tried using a 2-piece system.

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Two-piece vs one-piece system: we came to the conclusion we prefer the one-piece.  I think if you tended to need to change just the bag, or to change into different sizes of bags without changing the adhesive flange that the 2-piece would be great.  But generally speaking, for us if the pouch needs to be changed, it’s due to a seal issue.  We found the joining area to be just a bit bulkier to accommodate the joining area.  It wasn’t bad, but after a couple weeks of that and going back to a one-piece it was nicer to have the lower profile.
  • The SenSura® Mio pouch itself was great!  If you haven’t tried the product yet, contact Coloplast or your medical supply company for a sample (also their BodyCheck site is great for finding products that work well with your body/stoma type).
    • The fabric on this pouch is really nice.  It feels much smoother.  It dries SO much faster than the regular fabric.
    • If you get the front fabric covering, it comes with a little “peek-a-boo” slit so you can say “hi” to your human if you need – but it’s kind of nice and cozy in there.
    • The seal was really nice.  It is much harder to tell where skin ends and seal begins (at least much more so than with other seals.  And I only used it for a couple weeks and I did not have any skin issues like I have had with some other adhesives.
    • I was a bit hesitant about the “full-circle filter” but that actually worked OK.  I was worried about it keeping stuff from moving down into the bag but that wasn’t a problem.
    • Also, if you get the one with the fabric front, it has a cool second Velcro piece up higher so if you need a shorter bag for a little while, you can fold it up and attach there which was really nifty.
  • The one down side for this product for me was it currently does not come in a convex bag style.  For our body type, this is really the type of bag that works best.  We normally also wear the Brava Moldable Ostomy rings and there was some leakage under that but did not leak under the Mio bag seal (good for the Mio bag seal but not as good for me).

So, to conclude, we’re going to stick with a one-piece and at the moment stick with our normal Coloplast pouch; however, we will be watching closely if Coloplast comes out with a convex style of this pouch because if they do, we’re probably switching.

Thank you to Coloplast for the samples!  You folks rock!

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Happy 2nd Birthday!

07-18-14. Happy Birthday #2

Two years ago today my human, CC had surgery and I was created!  Yippiee!

For my birthday, I got to try a brand new bag!  We got some samples of the new Coloplast SenSura® Mio pouch so we’re trying it out.  This is my first time with a 2-piece system as well.

After a few days, I’ll give you my opinion but right now I need to have some cake!


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All Colons go to Heaven

All Intestines Go to Heaven

Two years ago Friday, my friend Colon went to heaven.  Today we remove our hats to remember this large intestine.  RIP Colon.

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IBD Fatigue

06-21-14. IBD Fatigue

Today we’re trying to take over Twitter raising awareness for one of the symptoms of IBD: FATIGUE!!!

It’s probably one of the least understood symptoms by non-IBDers who can’t quite grasp why you just can’t get out of bed or don’t have the energy to run out with your friends after work.

It is the part of the disease that drains just about all human-essence from your bones and leaves you a heap on the floor.

So, help join awareness and tweet #GetYourBellyOut today with a photo you think best shows your IBD Fatigue.

Here is mine…

943338_10201190983353809_1786208799_n I see you…but I’m still not getting out of bed!


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Mr. Stoma Universe

So, my human has been telling me that we need to start working out and getting in better shape.

So, I told her that I thought I looked like this:

Body Building-2But, she assured me that this was NOT the current look.  For several reasons, the primary one being my human is female.  Details…details…

She said that we weren’t going to be entering any pageants, but being able to walk up several flights of stairs without sounding like a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner would be good.

So, apparently the plan is to be off to something called the gym in the morning.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  And I’m still fairly sure I should look like the picture above.  😉

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Remicade Nap Time!

Remicade Nap. 06-11-14

One of the benefits of Remicade infusions is getting to take a nap in the middle of the day.

Because naps are AWESOME!

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Boils Suck!

04-07-14. Boils

Boils?!?  Seriously who the heck get boils?  My body has gone all biblical on me.  Next I know I’ll be sneezing locusts.

Since one of the fun side-effects of the medicine to keep her Crohn’s Disease from wreaking havoc in her digestive system is a decreased immune system, her body has decided that it would be fun to start having recurring boils.

Fun times.  Because we didn’t have enough doctors on speed dial…


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01-10-14. Fix-a-Flat


Happy New Year!

Today we got to experience something new.  A leak!  OK, well, a leak isn’t new but this particular one is.  There is apparently a pin-prick sized hole in the shiny new bag I got this morning.

My human found out in the best way possible since the only stuff that had leaked out was bag lubricant (because I like smelling powder fresh).

So, what we need is a Fix-a-Flat product, just like for tires, except this will plug up holes in ostomy bags?  What do you think?  

We could call it “Patch-A-Pouch”!


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Crohn’s Disease makes me…

12-03-13. How it feels





Help support Crohn’s & Colitis research & support at Mr. Stoma’s Fundraising Page!
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